Strike Tiger Lure T-Tail Pro Series (2 Inch X 10 Pack)

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Size: 2 INCH


The Strike Tiger 2 inch 'pro-series' t-tail is designed to give maximum tail action and vibration with the addition of dual colours.  This lure has an incredible tail action thanks to its cut down tail section.  The body features a series of aggressive ribs which provide further attraction by disturbing the water as the lure is retrieved.  Easy to use, this lure can be fished with a variety of retrieve speeds.  This is the perfect plastic for fishing both lakes and rivers!

Mint Jelly - Similar to mint jelly in appearance with a pearl green belly. Great natural colour for fishing weed beds.

Stealth Tiger - A dark stealthy colour with a contrasting lightly coloured belly. Great all-round trout catching colour.

Orange Spawn - Bright orange in colour with a bright belly featuring fine black fleck. Brilliant colour for any type of redfin perch fishing. A great performer on stocked trout in freshwater lakes. Also try it on wild trout around spawning time!

Black N Gold - One of the best trout catching colours featuring a nicely refined gold fleck belly and black coloured back.