Strike Tiger Lure Minnow Pro Series (3 Inch X 10 Pack)

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Size: 3 INCH


The Strike Tiger 3"pro-series minnow has a slim profile which imitates a small galaxia.  It features a small paddle tail, which gives the lure a very tight action.  This lure also has a built-in groove on its spine to enable weedless rigging.  When twitched, it looks like a wounded baitfish and will attract savage strikes from predatory trout. 

Orange Spawn - Bright orange in colour with a bright belly featuring fine black fleck. Brilliant colour for any type of redfin perch fishing. Also try it on trout around spawning time!

Black N Gold - Black n gold is one of the best trout catching colours. Features a nicely refined gold fleck belly.

Mint Jelly - Similar to mint jelly in appearance with a pearl green belly. Great natural colour for fishing weed beds.

Stealth Tiger - A dark stealthy colour with a contrasting lightly coloured belly. Great all-round trout catching colour.