Strike Tiger Lure Bug (2 Inch X 10 Pack)

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Size: 2 INCH


This creature bait is larger in size than the nymph and features paddle style legs that 'kick' when the lure is twitched.  It has rear tentacles that are studded for maximum water disturbance.  And finally, the looped leg design creates even further attraction.  These lures are great performers on trout, redfin perch, bream and bass. 

Copper Berry - Deep copper in colour with red highlights for trout appeal.

Black Caviar - All black with red fleck.

Lava Lime - Features fine red and black fleck.

June Bug - A dark blood red body with iridescent blue fleck that lights up in direct sunlight.

Black N Gold - The basic black & gold is an all-round choice for any type of trout fishing.