SmartRest Maxbox II Gun Rest

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The MaXbox II is a light weight, Magnetic, cubic shaped, compact, gun rest with magnets included in four faces of the block. Designed to be used in many applications the MaXbox II is now better built and includes a carry strap for better portability. The magnets are now bigger and stronger.

Typical Uses For the MaXbox II:

  1. Accurate shooting from a vehicle: Many Australian shooters require an effective way to eradicate pest vermin and predatory animals, the MaXbox II gives the shooter an accurate edge when used on a turret or bonnet of a vehicle. The user can leave it attached to the vehicle while driving around and use it when required.
  2. Bench Shooting: Being light weight its not hard to get around. It provides a nicely cushioned and comfortable gun rest and you will quickly appreciate the function of the quality EVA foam used to build it.
  3. Servicing Rifles: Holds your rifle still to easily service and clean your firearms.
  4. Hunting: Now comes with a carry strap so MaXbox II is more portable and can be used in the field quite comfortably achieving great results.