Hawk Sniper Deep 69D (Suspend 2M) Redfin

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Hawk Sniper Deep 69 is a suspending lure with a tight wobble action when retrieved, designed to imitate a small bait fish. The lure has an internal traversing ball which slides to the rear to assist with long casting and then slides forward as the lure is retrieved to accentuate action and cause a rattle to attract fish.

Representing a Redfin Perch, this lure is a great one to throw in any lakes or rivers where Perch are present. This lure also features a Fluoro Orange UV belly. Even though this colour was aimed at the freshwater angler, Bream are a fan of this colour too!

  • Length: 69mm
  • Weight: 5.5g
  • Action: Tight Wobble
  • Depth: 2m
  • Type: Suspending