GSI Pinnacle Soloist Cookset

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Incredibly light, efficient, and durable – this minimalist backpacker’s set-up really cooks

Superlight and really compact, the Pinnacle Soloist delivers serious performance and sneaks everything you need for cooking and cleaning, eating and drinking into an insanely light 10.9 oz. (309 g) package that is about the size of a grapefruit, and there is even room for your stove and a 220g fuel canister (not included).

The heart of the set is the 1.1L pot. Built from strong, light, hard-anodized aluminium, it features Teflon® with Radiance Technology for outstanding non-stick performance, easy cleaning, and amazing heat transfer that reaches temperature 25% faster than other coatings. The mug/bowl hybrid has insulated sleeve to warm things warm and a sip through lid for easy drinking. You also get a folding Foon, and a welded storage sack that works as a camp sink. Everything nests perfectly, and locks tight so you can leave the stuff sack at home. No matter what you make or how you make it, this ultralight, ultra-efficient backcountry set really cooks.

Weight: 0.68 lb

Material: Non-Stick Coated, Hard Anodized Aluminium, Clear Polypropylene, Nylon 6-6

Major Dimension: 1 Person

Includes: 1.1 L Pot, Strainer/Sip-It Top, 14 fl. oz. Mugs/Bowl w/ Insulated Sleeve, Folding Foon, Welded Sink.

Dimensions:5 in x 5.4 in x 5.5 in