Campers Pantry Spicy Mexican Beans Expedition - Single Serve

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Mixed beans, roasted capsicum and tomato sauce with spices, chilli and served with rice. Perfect for a hot savoury breakfast, cold water lunch (rehydrate for 10 mins) in wraps or hot dinner.

  • 400 grams prepared - true single serve
  • Vacuum packed to save space | not much bigger than a mobile phone
  • Nitrogen flushed for longer life
  • Shorter packet so you don’t need a long spoon/less plastic
  • No zip lock = less plastic
  • Eat from the packet = no clean up
Steps: Cook and eat from the pouch (400 grams)
  1. Add 300ml of boiling water to the pouch
  2. Stir and seal, then wait 10 minutes
  3. Open after 5 minutes and stir.

Ingredients: Five bean mix, rice, passata, roasted red capsicum, onion, vegetable oil, cumin, corn flour, chicken stock(no animal content), garlic, chilli, black pepper, salt, rosemary extract.

Allergen Statement: May contains wheat, gluten, egg, soy, tree nuts and lupin.