Akubra Chin Strap

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Colour: BLACK

The Akubra Chinstrap uses a patented metal clip to attach the chinstrap to any Akubra Hat with a leather inner sweat band.

The strap can be removed at the breakaway when not needed leaving the breakaway and clip discretely in place for the next time you want to reattach the strap.

Note: Chinstrap is not suitable for hats fitted with buckram inner bands.

How to attach chin strap to an Akubra hat:

  • Snap apart the 2 safety breakaway connectors, remove short cords from wire hangers. 
  • Insert toothpicks (or similar) as position markers, between the hat and its sweatband so they are approximately 1cm in front of wearer's ears.
  • Fold back the hat's sweatband to expose the markers inside the hat.
  • Insert each wire hanger with its kink angled towards hat brim. 
  • Remove the markers.
  • Loop each short cord through wire hanger's loop, re-attach connectors.